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Outrider Case Study

Ingenuity is the name of the game at Outrider–the pioneer in autonomous freight yard operations for logistics hubs. The only software and development company exclusively focused on automating all aspects of yard operations, Outrider eliminates manual tasks that are hazardous and repetitive while driving efficiency, safety and sustainability.

At Outrider ingenuity doesn’t stop at the yard. The company is committed to on-going progress and growth throughout all facets of the business. This commitment starts with its people. That’s why Outrider teamed up with Cura as its HR consulting partner—not out of necessity, but a proactive desire to continually cultivate a thriving workforce and vibrant work culture.

Projects accomplished

  • Job architecture & compensation structure
  • Company policies & programs
  • Team & manager training
  • People-first best practices

Outrider Vitals

  • Headquarters: Golden, Colorado
  • Team Members: 125+
  • Website:
  • Mission: To drive the rapid adoption of sustainable freight transportation by deploying zero-emission systems.

Embracing a Culture of Continuous Feedback

One of Outrider’s primary goals in partnering with Cura was to upgrade its internal performance management approach. Outrider leadership saw this as an opportunity to lay the tracks for future company advancement and success. Outrider engaged Cura for its People Operations and performance management expertise to assist in developing the right strategy for their business.

  • Performance Management is the strategy organizations use to manage, measure, and improve employee performance.
  • Continuous Feedback is the practice of regularly exchanging productive feedback between managers and employees as well as peer to peer.

Feedback for Thought

After a thorough internal assessment, Cura identified continuous feedback as a key opportunity area for Outrider to create a performance management process that would deliver high value to its employees and business. Cura’s role was to equip Outrider with the tools needed to build a culture open to proactively giving and seeking feedback.

A recent Gallup survey found that only 26% of employees strongly agree that the feedback they get actually improves their work.

Giving and Receiving Feedback Well

To support the Outrider team in learning how to give and receive feedback, Cura trained their people managers on this concept using a 4-part formula for giving continuous feedback and best practices for effective management.

Continuous Feedback: 4-Part Formula

1 – The Micro Yes

  • Ask them if it’s acceptable to provide feedback
  • Pace the conversation
  • Create buy-in

2 – Data Point

  • Share specifics about what you saw or heard
  • Remove any blur words (not-specific, may be perceived different than you mean)
  • Be detailed and precise – clearly address what needs to increase or diminish
    Important for positive feedback too – call out behaviors that need to be repeated

3 – Show Impact

  • Provide information on how the data point(s) impacted you, their peers, the team, the customer, etc.
  • Give a sense of purpose
  • Connect the meaning and logic of the data points

4 – End on a Question

  • Gain buy-in by closing out feedback with a question
  • Create commitment not compliance
  • Focus on problem-solving conversations
  • Ask for feedback regularly

Best Practices for People Managers

Cura shared the 4-Part Continuous Feedback Model to enable Outrider’s people managers to be as effective as possible when sharing feedback with their teams.

Key Practices

  • Conduct regular 1:1’s
  • Acknowledge and recognize your team
  • Consider individual work preferences and appreciation languages
  • Create growth and professional development plans
  • Adopt a growth mindset

The Impact

“Cura HR is fantastic. As soon as we engaged with them, they worked with us to establish a process first to review our existing HR functions, policies and procedures and establish new services to help our growing organization.”

-Alisande Rozynko, VP, General Counsel, Outrider Technologies

See how Cura can advance your organizational growth.

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