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Kodiak Cakes Case Study

pay equity audit

Human Resources is most effective when dynamic and ever-evolving. Cura consultants start with proven tools and processes and build from there. We create custom solutions for each client by combining our collective years of experience with a forward-thinking approach. We continually test, benchmark and optimize our efforts to ensure we’re providing the greatest value and relevance to our clients.

Kodiak Vitals

  • Headquarters: Park City, Utah
  • Company Type: Food manufacturing
  • Category: Whole grain baking mixes
  • Team Members: 150+
  • Mission: To inspire healthier eating and active living with nourishment for today’s frontier.
  • Website:

Compensation Strategies to Drive Business Growth

Kodiak is a growth oriented company with aggressive goals to scale. Its leadership identified compensation as a key area of focus in its broader strategic operating plan. To shore up this component of the business, Kodiak engaged Cura HR for their Total Rewards expertise. Cura was tasked with:

  • Designing a foundational compensation strategy in support of the company’s future advancement
  • Benchmarking pay and re-calibrating pay programs to account for rapid growth
  • Identifying pay opportunities to distinguish Kodiak as an employer
  • Assisting with implementation, training and roll-out of new tools

The Outcome

Over the course of 12 months, Cura conducted a comprehensive compensation assessment and analysis for Kodiak Cakes and turned the findings into strategic recommendations and actions. Cura seamlessly put the following in place to support Kodiak’s growth objectives.

  • New compensation structure
  • Incentive pay design & pay practices
  • Compensation education for all employee levels
  • Workforce dashboard & compensation metrics

“Cura HR was extremely responsive and helpful in getting an intense amount of compensation planning work done in a very short amount of time. We had tight deadlines that we were able to meet due to Cura’s support. We really appreciate their partnership!”

-Marcelle Miller, Head of People at Kodiak Cakes

“We elevated our compensation planning tools and communication to the organization. This enabled our leaders to have meaningful compensation conversations with their people, which is invaluable.”

-Marcelle Miller, Head of People at Kodiak Cakes

Discover how Cura can help you scale your business with smart compensation strategies.

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About Kodiak Cakes

With a delicious portfolio of 100% whole-grain, protein-powered pancake and waffle mixes, frozen waffles and pancakes, oatmeal, baking mixes, and a variety of snacking products, Kodiak provides its loyal consumers with “Nourishment for Today’s Frontier.” Headquartered in Park City, Utah, Kodiak was built on a mission to enable healthier eating and active living. The brand began when eight year-old Joel Clark began selling his family’s hand-milled flapjack mix door-to-door from a little red wagon, and Kodiak is now proudly sold in 26,000 doors nationwide.

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